replacing +15v regulator on BA-11?

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 18:10:22 2004

Tony Duell wrote:
>Please don't module-swap classic
>computers (this rant has been here before, you won't change my views on
>it, I've seen the unpleasant reuslts all too often!).

Interesting point. And the first time I've heard it. I'll check the
archives... I'm don't disagree.

(having said that, I am fan of having spares, getting the unit up and
then going back and fixing the problem; I'd be curious to hear if that
is seen as bad form or bad idea).

I've had good luck swapping H744's and fixing them later, replenishing my
"spares" box ;-)

>> I also "tuned" the 785 supply - it was lagging around 13v. I assume
>> cranking it up to 15 is the right thing to do.
>Yes, if the reason for it being low was that you'd added extra loads. No,
>if the reason for it being low was component failure in the -15V brick.
>Asjustments rarely, if ever, drift. If some voltage is out of spec then
>there's a reason. If it's something you did -- like adding an extra load
>-- then yes, you use the adjustment. But if it's just gone down while the
>machine is in use, you need to find out why. A dried up capacitor in the
>brick probably.

Excellent points. I don't know if the voltages have changed; I just
noticed that when I first checked I only got 13v. Probably due to dry
caps, as you pointed out.

(time for that ESR meter :-)

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