UFO over DEC

From: Tony Eros <tony.eros_at_machm.org>
Date: Fri Mar 26 11:58:35 2004

#ufo> RB2 said it was in Colorado Springs, wasn't it? Can you tell me the
DEC facility code? I know each DEC facility has a 3-letter code
<VortexQ:#ufo> F***...what is the code?
<VortexQ:#ufo> hmmm
<VortexQ:#ufo> it has been a while
#ufo> did you actually work at DEC?
<VortexQ:#ufo> yes
<VortexQ:#ufo> doi
<VortexQ:#ufo> like people remember the stupid facility code for the rest of
their lives...sheesh!
<VortexQ:#ufo> I do not work there anymore
<VortexQ:#ufo> duh
#ufo> how long ago was it?
<VortexQ:#ufo> well, hell

I don't know -- I'm a little skeptical of this report. I don't necessarily
have a better memory than the next guy, but the DEC facility codes were
pretty easy to remember. I still recall most of the ones I spent any time
in and I started with DEC in 1984.

Anyone remember BTH (Behind The Hilton) in Merrimack?

-- Tony
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