> Looking for data on the MAN2815 display and Nat'l Semi DS8867

From: Gary M Glickman <glickman_at_decny.com>
Date: Fri Mar 26 07:58:54 2004

I got one also, and the LED displays are interesting. Did you ever get a
response to your inquiry last year? I found this old Monsanto document that
doesn't give much info and would appreciate if you had anything else.

> Looking for data on the MAN2815 display and Nat'l Semi DS8867
> Ethan Dicks cctalk_at_classiccmp.org
> Wed Mar 5 09:32:00 2003
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> Over in the Yahoo Group for the Cosmac Elf, a few of us have picked up
> these MSI/88 barcode "terminals" for a couple of bucks surplus. Mine
> arrived yesterday. They are interesting because they are hand-held
> 1802 devices with a serial port and either an LED or LCD text display
> (all of mine are the LED model). I'm trying to assist in the reverse
> engineering and can *not* find any data on the LED display itself, a
> MAN2815, nor one of the chips that seems to be driving it, a National
> DS8867.
> I have googled for an hour looking for them. No results.
> Anybody heard of these parts?
> -ethan
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