Google rankings (was Re: anybody know of GOOD serach engine?)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 17:22:28 2004

>>>>> "Glen" == Glen Goodwin <> writes:

 Glen> <rant>

 Glen> Shortly after that I took out a Google AdWords ad -- these are
 Glen> the pay-per-click ads which Google displays on the right side
 Glen> of the screen. I ran the ad campaign for several weeks and got
 Glen> a lot of clicks (which I had to pay for) ...

There was an item in the news a few days ago about a guy who was
arrested on charges of blackmailing Google. He supposedly created a
robot that would click on the ads that Google had placed on various
websites, thus causing Google to be billed for those clicks. He
offered to stop doing that if paid a suitable sum.

It may be that you were the victim of something similar, perhaps
vandals rather than blackmailers but using the same mechanisms.

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