From: Dan Williams <dan_williams_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Tue Mar 30 06:11:44 2004

Witchy wrote:

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>Heh, if I'd known you were looking out for one of those I've got one here
>you could've had! It's complete with monitor and hard drive too.
I wasn't really, I was looking for something else and after seeing the
price "I haven't got one of those" flashed through my mind. It will
probably now go in the cupboard with other things with bits missing.
While i'm on the subject I need to get more working machines and less
projects (or what she calls shit in cupboards everywhere)

I've got 5 next stations either with no psu, memory or hard drives.
rs/6000 (I think it works, but I don't have the right monitor cable or
cd rom drive for it)
numerous vaxstation 3100's all working
empty r4000 external dissi pack
a few amstrad 1512/1640's (all working)
a couple of indigo2's with I think dead psu's
a working indy (dented case)
4000/60 with no psu.
Ultra 1/200 with dead mainboard.
a dozen ipx's with dead nvram
quite a bit of dechub gear repeaters, fddi, decservers etc.

I can't bring myself to throw these away, someone here would make use of

My main wants are a

kfqsa or a netbsd compatable dssi card
a psu for this apollo
amstrad cpc 664
any other vaxen then 3100's

But if anyone want's any of these for spares I'm in London pickup would
be preferable or I can sort out delivery if it's not too far away.


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