93448 IC?

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed Mar 31 05:06:08 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 00:17, vrs wrote:
> > You guys must have a different Google than I have! The first TWO hits
> > that I got are for Dial Electronics. They have the part listed but don't
> > say what it is, who made it or how much they want for it. The next two
> > hits are for HKinventory and they give the same lack of information. Then
> > USBid, Doom, and others. NONE of them give any information about the part
> > at all. Thre are pages and pages of the same kind of useless hits. That's
> > why I'm dumping Google!
> If I search for "93448-DC" I get the same junk. If I search for "93448" I
> get the pdf file mentioned earlier as the first hit.

I'm picking up this thread a little late, so haven't seen the earlier
posts. However, I just tried it here with both www.google.co.uk and
www.google.com, and get the same results as the original poster - all
the Doom, Dial and other commercial-but-useless crap comes first. I
tried the UK site after dumping Google's cookie and not setting any
preferences, just in case that was the problem; still no luck.

Generally I exclude Dial and Doom from my search if I'm looking for
parts specs - looks like HKInventory will be joining that list.
Alternatively posting to sci.electronics.repair tends to be handy for
getting hold of datasheets if google is proving useless.

I'm running Opera under Linux by the way, so spyware doesn't come into
it here.


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