Shipping a Teletype

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 08:56:37 2004

>Any estimates on what would be a "reasonable" estimate for shipping a
>Teletype (with base, two cartons] Origination is Long Island, Destination is
>not known except it will be within the "lower 48" states.

I shipped one a while back. I broke it down into two parts, the teletype
and the base. I packed each in their own box. I got boxes that were a
good bit larger than the part to be packed, and IIRC, then lined the
boxes with formed FedEx boxes (the free ones you get from them) to act as
stiffeners. Then lined the interior of the now "double box" assembly with
bubble wrap. Then heavily wrapped the item in layers of bubble wrap. Then
placed it into the box, filled the voids, put on the top layer of lining
boxes, then taped it shut.

I think the total cost was something like $40 or $45 per box to go from
NJ to St Louis (it was probably 2 years ago, but I seem to recall it was
something in that range... I think the boxes were about 65 lbs each

I'd assume they arrived in good condition as I didn't hear any complaints
from the person I sent them to. You can ask Jay to be sure, he's the one
that got it.

>Also any recommendations on a carrier?

I used FedEx Ground, simply because I had a FedEx account, and they were
willing to do it cheaper then UPS.

>Finally any "sepcial packing techniques [specifically any internal
>assemblies that need to be secured]?

Um... I can't help you there, I honestly hadn't thought about that issue
until you asked it here. Now I am worried that I caused the thing to be
trashed in shipping because I failed to bolt something in place.
(Probably not, or I'm sure Jay would have complained)

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