TCF 2004

From: John Allain <>
Date: Sat May 1 17:52:26 2004

TCF (NJ annual Computer flea) report

   This years 'Trenton' Computer festival featured:
   One guy with a $5 PPC Mac table.
   Two Apple II's (1: good condition, 2: good extras), a IIgs.
   An Atari 800 w/ FDD.
   Tons of Suns again.
      This year in the Sparcstation IPX formfactor.
   Laptop drives at 50? /gig
   One table each of Tek and HP test equipment,
      mid-level value.
   DEC: All gone!
      Some Compaq badge era things.
      Some reminiscent people talking about it. **

   Still worth the trip, for good prices and volumes, but a
   little dull. I left in time to get a IIc complete at the
   recycle center for free.
   One guy was trying to sell NT 4.0 for $119... I didn't ask.

   ** I take this as a clue that selling same there
       would be interesting.

John A.
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