hp proprietary uP history (9825 uP?)

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon May 3 00:16:03 2004

> Firstly, are the 9825 and 9845 processors the same part?

I have a 9845 which is on the 'to be investigated' list. I will hopefully
be pulling it to bits (non-destructively) soon. I've not done much on it
yet, but from what I remember there are 2 processors in there.

One is a metal-heatsinked hybrid. It looks a lot like the one in the
9825, but I don't even know if the pinout is the same, let alone the
microcoding. The other is a set of 3 boards called the 'Sandwich'
according to one of the lables on the chassis. There are 4 40 pin chips
(which I will lay odds are 2901s), some microcode PROMs, and lots of
smaller chips.

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