hp proprietary uP history (9825 uP?)

From: Bill McDermith <bill_mcdermith_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon May 3 12:52:54 2004

Christian Fandt wrote:

> Could you, Bill McD., or any other folks who've joined the list in the
> past several years, shed more light on the HP 9825 CPU and others
> around that time? Al Kossow's statement wondering whether info is
> extant on HP's microprocessors is right on the money for me. Bill's
> message, copied below, is a good bit of information that I had not
> known to now. Thanks! (A BPC manual was available??!!! Scan that
> sucker if found!!)
> ...snip...snip...snip
> Regards, Chris F.
Two quick hits looking on google for "HP BPC Processor" -- clears up at
least a couple of the
questions relation to where this processor was originally used...

     -- this link specifically mentions this as the processor for
         the 9825/9835/9845 processors -- see also Joe R's
          reply to your message...


A different HP 250 hit:


The eloquence page mentions specifically the HP250 as a follow-on to
the HP 9845, so I would suspect the same processor set -- but so many
things were re-invented over and over again at HP it's always hard to
say for

Regarding the 64000:

As I probe my memory, it seems to me that I remember that the BPC
chips we used in the 64000 were specially constructed for us and left
the BCD arithmetic chip off the hybrid, so there were only the BPC
chip and the IOP present in the hybrid package...

Just a vague memory...

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