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From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Mon May 3 15:05:01 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004 MTPro_at_AOL.com wrote:
> If anyone could help this woman out with the question of memory options for an original Compaq Portable, please do respond directly back to her, as well as to the list. Thanks, David

That depends on what the question is. (NOT included)
To get up to 640K: use a regular ISA card with memory.
To get LIM/EMS: use an ISA LIM/EMS card.
To meet RAM requirements for Windoze 3.10 or above: remove the entire
contents of the case, and start with a different MB, and consider a
different case.

3.00 is the highest version of Windoze that will run with it. But
recommend switching to the Compaq EGA card for that.
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