VAX Cluster on Ebay in OK (was Re: More DEC equipment spotted

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon May 3 15:18:31 2004

> Seems he will be happy with $500 for all of them. Why
> should they make computers that are so heavy? I am
> sure the boards are light. I remembered that I once

When I moved my I2S Model 70 Image Processor/Display systems, I found
that pulling the 30-odd boards from each card cage made the latter much
easier to lift, and that, indeed, I couldn't lift all the boards at once
(a total of 5 cardcages full -- a Model 70/E with 2 RAM cages, a Model
70/F4 and a Model 75)

Those are somewhat interesting machines that I really must get round to
restoring some day. The oldest one, the Model 70/E uses 4K DRAMs for the
video memory, and there are somewhere over 3000 of them in the machine
(!), and about the same number of TTL chips. The later machines use 16K
and 64K DRAMs, which is how they get the entire machine into one

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