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From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Mon May 3 18:38:57 2004

> >How much would you pay for a "Portable II" that came stock with a 286
> >motherboard?
On Mon, 3 May 2004, Joe R. wrote:
> The same as I paid for all the other Compaqs that I have. $0.00

Congratulations, you are currently the high bidder!
I'll continue accepting bids through VCF

> >I think that there were both a "Portable II" AND a "Portable II/286", but
> >the 286 "II" that I have says "Portable II".
> I don't remember a Portable II/286. It sounds like Compaq had to P-II
> cases left over and decided to stick 286s in them. Similar to IBM with
> their XT/286.

makes sense

> FWIW one of the more useful features of the Portable 286s is that the
> keyboard will work with the 286 and up clone boards. Why does that matter
> you ask? Because then you can take a Portable case and stuff a late model
> clone MB and video card in and and make a useful computer out of it and
> still keep the detachable keyboard.

The "Portable 286" that I have has an "AT compatible" keyboard
that fits the original style case. Complete with inadequate latches.
The "Portable II" that I have is somewhat smaller, but also AT compatible.
The biggest limitation to "upgrading" them is that the internal monochrome
monitor can handle EGA, but NOT VGA.

> No. but I don't remember a full sized 286 portable. I suspect Compaq had
> some full size chassis left over and decided to use them up.
I don't think that it was their most popular model.
But I still think that it came BEFORE, or overlapped when they changed
the case.

Here's your big chance to complete a collection!

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