Stolen altair 8800

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue May 4 08:52:36 2004

  Do you have the serial number? You should report it to Steve Gabaly
(SP?). He was keeping a list of all the Altair serial numbers that he could
find. I don't have his e-mail address any more but he's Obtronix on E-bay.


At 08:41 AM 12/11/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Has anyone seen an altair 8800 with a circular keylock power switch, I
>would like to track down the bastard
>that ripped me off a long time ago.
>This was in Oregon, 20 years from before, He ripped off a bunch of other
>people, IMHO, Jim Willing and Mike Boyd.
>His position was last reported in Eugene, that was years ago.
>Jim Davis.
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