RS232 break

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue May 4 10:53:41 2004

You wrote...
> I see that my RS232 lore needs a bit of brushing up!

To me, by far the best book on this topic is "RS-232 made easy". It truely
pains me to say that about a book with "made easy" in the title, but
honestly, the book is extremely thorough and very detailed. They have large
sections of how to build up a code library in C to talk directly to an 8250
UART. Sections on parity generation methodologies, etc. Also has lots of
information to give you a clear understanding of exactly how to wire up your
own custom cables, like when to cross what signals (DTE vs. DCE), several
suggested methods for handling devices with disparate versions of hardware
control signals, etc.

Jay West

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