Televideo 910 question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue May 4 13:50:15 2004

Paul wrote...
> They can't be confused -- a 910 looks like an ADM-3A (but squarer, not
> as cute) and a 950 looks like a VT100, but narrower.
Ok, it's a 950 then, cause it looks VERY much like a vt100, could be
mistaken for one at first blush.

> I don't _think_ the 910 supports pages of memory, but the 950 does. If
> this is doing it without you pressing any keys, I'd suspect the termcap
> or terminfo entries not being matched to the terminal, though that would
> be odd as well, as the 950 doesn't emulate anything else. Both manuals
> are online.
It's definitely not getting any control/escape sequences from the host that
are causing this, it's just doing it on it's own so I doubt termcap/terminfo
has anything to do with it (specially since I'm running it on a TSB system,
not unix) :) I'm using it as the system console, and I'm quite sure the host
isn't sending any characters to it when it switches. Gotta be a hardware

So anyone have a spare main logic board for a 950? (I can hear Tony
shuddering from here)

Jay West

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