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From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Tue May 4 18:21:17 2004

>>If anyone has the original setup disk for the Portable III, I would love to
>>get an image of it - the "generic" AT setup disks work in that you can
>>the drives and get it to boot, however Compaq apparently "rolled their own"
>>checksum algorithm, as once configured with any of the generic disks, it
>gets a
>>CMOS Checksum error.
> Mike Haas has has the setup disk. I gave it to him along with the P-IIIs
>that I had. The setup program should also be one several of the machines.
>FWIW I once found a third party setup program that worked on them. I don't
>remember the name of it but I'm pretty sure that it was put out by a
>company in Clearwater Florida that was later bought out by Quarterdeck. I
>may still have a copy of it or the Compaq setup program. I'll look and see.
>One thing to be aware of is that only the very first few drive table enties
>match that used by IBM so be carefull setting the hard drive type.
> Joe

Thanks Joe, however the one I downloaded from other instructions posted in this
thread appears to do the job, so no need to bother.

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