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Date: Wed May 5 07:32:47 2004

Hi, Ethan,

        Mouser has these in abundance.


        Happy hunting.

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On 04-May-04 at 23:18 Ethan Dicks wrote:

>My ability to search the web is hampered by poor sat comms right now, so
>like to ask if anyone knows where to purchase an ICL7660 negative voltage
>supply chip? My Basicon MC-1N is apparently missing it, but RS-232 comms
>being as loose as they are, I can still talk to it even though there's no
>negative comms voltage.
>Thanks for any pointers,
>Ethan Dicks, A-130-S Current South Pole Weather at 04-May-2004 23:10 Z
>South Pole Station
>PSC 468 Box 400 Temp -81.4 F (-63.0 C) Windchill -160.3 F
>(-106.9 C)
>APO AP 96598 Wind 19.3 kts Grid 013 Barometer 674.8 mb (10824.
>Ethan.Dicks_at_amanda.spole.gov http://penguincentral.com/penguincentral.html

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