Summagraphics tablet?

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed May 5 13:10:56 2004

>> I have the thing opened up right now. There are 24 DIP switches,
>> three banks of eight, labeled SW1 through SW3.
> Yikes! That's a lot of combinations to run through! :-)

Well, yes. :-)

The pc board is only two-layer, though, just front and back. I may try
to trace where the switches connect to to see which ones are plausible
guesses for what I want.

>> There's also a momentary pushbutton switch of no obvious function
>> (inaccessible with the cover on) labeled SW4
> reset, to allow an engineer to reset the pad without killing the
> power all the time?

That would be my guess; it is placed right next to the chip I suspect
of being the CPU.

>> and a six-contact card-edge connector of equally obscure function.
> My tablet's got both a pen and a puck; maybe that's a pen connector?

It could be, but the puck is connected with an RJ-11-style plug and
jack, which jack could equally well be used for a stylus if the
interface is sufficiently compatible.

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