DEC RL01/02, RK05/06/07 Cartridge Inspector/Cleaner

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Wed May 5 14:16:48 2004

At 03:06 PM 5/5/2004 -0400, Ashley Carder wrote:

>Does anyone know anything about this "Inspector / Cleaner"?

The inspector cleaner allows you to hold the raw platter and to
examine and clean it safely.

>I've also seen mention of an "alignment pack" for RK05 drives.
>Does anyone here have experience maintaining / aligning RK05 drives and
>keeping them running?

In order to properly align an RK05 you need an alignment pack
which has special "data" written at special locations. That
together with a two channel o-scope, the manual and a few basic
tools will allow you to adjust the in/out position of each head.

The biggest problems with maintaining RK05s is that the foam
which is used at various locations in the drive, including in
the air path, disintegrates and turns to dust and/or goo. If
you carefully clean out all of the old foam/dust/goo, you can
fairly easily replace it with new foam purchased from a fabric
store (or similar). A more difficult problem is that the molded
plastic/rubber tube which ducts the air into the disk area also
disintegrates over time. I haven't had to come up with a solution
for this problem yet...


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