DEC RL01/02, RK05/06/07 Cartridge Inspector/Cleaner

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed May 5 18:57:42 2004

> Does anyone here currently have a functioning RK05 drive?

Yes. Well, actually I have 2 of them, and an RK05F

> Has anyone here ever brought one back from the dead?

Yes, again. Done head replacements, rebuilt the blower fan, fixed logic
problems, and even once undid a field-circuit bodge where they twisted
together the ends of a broken wire in the interlock circuit (ensures the
heads only load when a pack is in place) without soldering. This would
open under vibration (say during extensive disk activity), and then the
logic would retract the heads as a safety precaution. Took a long time to
find that one, seconds to cure it!

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