Summagraphics tablet?

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri May 7 02:33:28 2004

[Gerold Pauler <>]

> Look at


Lovely. Thank you very much. That is *almost* exactly what I wanted,
certainly close enough to be very useful.

> This should be the right docu
> (DIP switches are on the last two pages 60,61) ;-)

But those are pages D-2 and D-4, documenting switch banks 1 and 3; page
D-3, which presumably describes DIP switch bank 2, is missing (as is
page D-1, which the table of contents says has a command summary). I
find no documentation on at least one command I stumbled across by
accident, one which causes ASCII reports to end with CR rather than
CRLF; presumably there also exists a command which switches it back to
CRLF. There may exist others too; I'm going to try all 128 ASCII

However, those are minor. This document is extremely helpful, largely
because the incompletenesses are slight and what it does document
matches, as far as I can tell, the tablet I have. (When I saw the
report-version response documentation, I was fairly sure it would.)

Did you scan it? Do you have any channel to the people who did? I'd
be interested in getting whoever has the paper manual to check it
against the PDF and see what else may be missing....

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