Testing a Dead VT52

From: Ashley Carder <Ashley_at_carderweb.com>
Date: Thu May 6 22:21:25 2004

I acquired a dead VT52 DecScope today and I am going to attempt
to revive it. I have a copy of the VT52 maintenance manual. I
am also getting a second one that "lights up" in about a week.
I am hoping to be able to create at least one functional VT52.

Does anyone here have any experience repairing a dead VT52
DecScope? When I apply power, I hear a mild hum coming from
the transformer area, but there is nothing on the screen..
no cursor, no raster. I just turned it on this evening and
have not followed through the debugging information in the
manual. One thing I did notice is that the manual talks
about a fuse on the back. There is no fuse on mine, but I
do see what appears to be a circuit breaker button on the
right side near the on/off switch.

Any ideas from experienced folk would be welcome!

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