cd longevity

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Fri May 7 12:16:36 2004

Paper works for me. When we reincarnated our late 1970s PDP 11/40
college environment using the simh simulator, we had no copies of programs
on magtape or disk or paper tape. It was all based on program and file
printouts from 1978 on greenbar paper printed on an LA36 DecWriter.
We had to do *LOTS* of typing because OCR didn't work well on aged
LA36 greenbar printours. But the paper listings were readable by our
40-something failing eyes and we ended up faithfully reproducing the
system that we once knew, loved, and spent many many late nights on.


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> This has been discussed on this list a few times before... but I just came
> across a rather detailed article about the topic of longevity of CD, DVD,
> and CDRW media.
> I'm thinking the best long term storage solution is... paper printouts.
> retro :)
> Jay
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