Cleaning a *DIRTY* old VT52

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri May 7 18:18:21 2004

> What's the best way to clean up a dirty old VT52?
> The case is dirty and some of the keys are a bit
> dirty and stick when pressed.

Same method as usual. Take the whole thing apart as far as it will easily
go (take everything out of the case, for example), then clean the case
parts with anti-static foam cleaner (Eletrolube, Servisol, etc make
this), clean the PCBs with propan-2-ol (isoproyl alcohol, etc).

For the keyboard, pull the keycaps (make sure you have a diagram first!).
Clean them all separately (this takes quite a time, but it's worth it!).
If this is the keyboard I think it is, the key plungers and springs pull
out of the plastic frame. Clean those too, and clean inside the frame
housings with proan-2-ol. That should get it going again.

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