Atari Gurus! Dos Commands?

From: Steven Canning <>
Date: Sat May 8 12:37:13 2004


The format is ( to do a LOAD );

LOAD "D1:Filename.BAS"

Where D1 is the Disk Drive # ( 1 is the default )

Filename is the filename

.BAS means it is a BASIC file format

To do a "SAVE" just replace LOAD with SAVE. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Steven

Ron wrote;

I just downloaded an atari 800 emulator for my Ibook.

When I have written a basic program how do I save it to floppy?

How do I load it again?

Directory list?

the emulator has 8 diskette drives, how do I specify them in my

Any good sites on the Internet with simple stuff like that -
I can find basic sites, and Assembly language sites but I don't
see anything on DOS sites.

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