Find: HP 97

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat May 8 15:30:40 2004

> There is no printer ribbon. it uses thermal paper. The biggest problem
> with the printer is that the paper feed mechanism wears out and it can't be
> fixed.

The last HP97 I got had this problem. The printer can be taken apart
(there's an exploded diagram in the service manual), and the roller
removed. It's got those well-known silicone rubber tyres on the ends. I
was thinking of cutting them off and using silicone rubber tubing to
replace them. But before I went to all that trouble, I tried rubbing them
will 1000 grit wet-n-dry paper, just to take the glaze off them. Worked
fine... When it goes again, I'll probably have to renew them, though.

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