Restoring a VAXstation 3500

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sun May 9 11:01:47 2004

Torquil MacCorkle, III declared on Sunday 09 May 2004 04:44 am:
> Hello everyone,

Hi! :)

> In any case, I am looking to make this thing work again. :) I am
> looking for any kind of Qbus goodies, specifically a SCSI card. If
> this is too rare an item, I am looking for a DSSI card. If this isn't
> an option either, I am looking for any RDxx drive.

SCSI cards are $200-$300ish for disk compatible ones on eBay, when they
show up. After collecting a few QBUS things I got lucky and obtained
one in a machine. A DSSI card should be cheaper (KFQSA/M7769), if you
can find one and a drive. You could also try to find someone with a
KDA50 and SDI drives (RAxx) or a third-party SMD controller and SMD
drives, or ESDI controller and ESDI drives... there was one of those on
ebay just about a week ago, but it went for more than I'd want to spend.

For now, it'll probably be easiest for you to find some ST251s or ST225s,
and although they're small, you might be able to get an old copy of VMS
onto them. I'm sure you could get NetBSD to fit on a ST251.

> I am also looking for an RX22 drive, so that I can load a kernel off
> it and not have to worry with all that stuff, just simple, reliable
> NFS. :)

RX22? Do you mean an RX33? If so, you can make one from a TEAC FD-55GFR
floppy drive. Some instructions are here:
I remember seeing better instructions somewhere else, but can't find them

As far as a hard drive goes, you could find an ST225 (RD31) or ST251
(RD32), as those seem to be the easiest to find. You'll need to
reformat them, which you can do using XXDP on a PDP-11 or TEST 70 on a
VAXstation 2000. If you can find one but don't have either of the
above, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

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