Restoring a VAXstation 3500

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Date: Sun May 9 15:29:17 2004

The RD53s are toast, but is the controller O.K.? I'll lend you an RD54
with some version of VMS on it if you want to try to boot that way. Either
way, I have a MVII with some RD54s on it (maxtor 2190s I believe) and
maybe a loaner rqdx3. and we can talk about the back door also.

BTW, I am coming up on my vacation, so I'll get back to you about the
other qbus stuff I have, if you still want an LSI-11 flavor machine...

Joe Heck

And no, I haven't forgotten Curt, Steve and the many others who have asked
about the "stuff" I am getting rid of. During the month of June when I
am off from work, I'll get back to all the emails I saved about my equipment.
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