From: Brian Mahoney <brianmahoney_at_look.ca>
Date: Sun May 9 18:47:40 2004

Over the years, I have been pretty successful in acquiring Hyperions.
Actually the bulk of my collection is Hyperions.
A recent letter to the group made me pause and think about the future of my
Hyperions. I won't sell them but I would love to have them with someone who
can sort out the hardware and the manuals and make the information available
to those who are interested. At this point I have too much on my plate to do
this myself. Trades will be considered but not outright sales.

I've contacted a couple of the Canadian museums with an offer of this
equipment but haven't been honored with a reply. Soooo, Canada is good but
if they have to go to the states, so be it. No shipping though, only pick-up
in Scarborough.

Points for anyone who is interested in these units :

1. Are they of interest to someone who could pick them up in Toronto
(Scarborough actually, 20 minutes from the CN tower.)? I won't ship them.

2. My original Hyperion, which I purchased and am keeping, does not boot so
the others may be in the same condition and
I already know that at least one of the storage towers has had some trace
problems, if that's what you call them. There are about 6 complete units,
one for parts
and two storage towers that are about two by three feet and very heavy
(maybe 50 pounds or more.)

3. I'd like to keep one set of manuals but there are doubles and triples of
just about everything plus boxes of software and records from their original
site which was a Canadian tech college.

4. There would have to be some agreement that this stuff wouldn't be sold as
I was given all of it under the condition that I wouldn't sell it. If you
have a museum and are interested in this stuff, that would be absolutely

5. All of the material has to be kept together. I'm not going to piece it
out. It has value both monetary and historically and I would love if it
could be in a bricks and mortar museum somewhere.

That's about it. Volume is probably a stretch mini-van full or a bit more.
If nothing happens with this, I will obviously keep it all and hope my kids
will be interested in it in about ten years. If you have some ideas, let me
know at :

I may add to this if I've forgotten anything important.

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