Mac Plus with (minor) issues

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Mon May 10 09:42:00 2004


At 14:14 -0500 4/29/04, Mark Tapley wrote:
>1) Screen display is too far to the left.

At 23:59 +0100, 4/29/04 (Tony Duell) replied:

> On the back of the yoke are 2 metal plates.
>Rotating them, either together or in oposite directios, will move the
>picture (strictly the raster, but anyway..) around on the screen.

Got the machine far enough apart to spot those and play with them
yesterday. Sure enough, that fixed the screen-shift (and it's almost
a certainty that I disturbed them when I took out the Elf Armor).
FWIW, the plates are perpendicular to the path of the electrons in
the CRT and more or less centered on that path near the back end of
the CRT. They are circular (umm, annular? I can't see anything but a
mm or two at the rim of the circle), and have little tabs at 2
locations 180 degrees apart. There are 2 plates, stacked together.
They are "finger tight". I fooled with them while watching the image,
but I used an insulated tool, so I didn't fool with them much. A
slight twist (maybe 15 degrees) on one of them moved the image right
where I wanted it.

Thanks, Tony!

Still in the to-do list: ordering a new rectifier (thanks, Chris!)
against the day my CR5 dies (but it seems OK right now, picture is
fine and steady) and borrowing an o-scope to see how much ripple is
on the 5V line. And probably saving up for an ESR meter to test the
caps around the connector that goes to the digital board, and
probably getting a new capacitor or two. And retouching J4. After the
picture adjust, coincidentally, machine ran fine for several hours
yesterday (all the time I could spend on it). Love that BrainStorm!
					- Mark
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