FA: Collection of Otrona Attache Parts -- Complete System?

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_vintagecomputermarketplace.com>
Date: Mon May 10 14:22:02 2004

I collected a number of Otrona parts over the years with the intent of
reassembling them into a working system, but that hasn't happened, and I
think other interests are going to keep me from ever spending the time it
needs. I think almost everything you need to build a basic working system
is here.

I have the following items available, up at auction on the Vintage Computer


All items are completely and totally untested. Links to photos are on the
listing at the link above.

* Six CPU boards, "pulls"... Most with parts on them, one bare board. The
ones with parts all have some parts missing that I think are relatively easy
to find: 765 floppy controller chip, Z80 PIO or SOI, or 5027 video
controllers, etc. Only one board has a 5027 on it, but I also have a
"loose" 5027 that I will include. I have EPROM images for the CPU board

* Three floppy drives loose plus two in their chassis components--the
special not-quite-half-height drives the Attache used;

* GPIB cards in various states of assembly, rework, or disassembly. I
believe there is also an 8086 card, but it's stripped of parts.

* Case and chassis parts that I believe are enough to build (or reface) a
complete unit, include outside cover, two rear bezels (one with PSU attached
to it), a front bezel still wrapped in foam, keyboard shell top and bottom
halves, handle;

* Additional keyboard assembly, dirty, but usable; plus three keyboards
without case.

* One video/CRT field replacement unit (tube + boards + mounting hardware),
plus an extra video board, extra yoke, and another incomplete video
assembly. I think I also have a third partial assembly in a box; if I find
it, it will be included.

* A number of expansion/daughter cards for 25th line, graphics, and high-res
graphics; some are loose, but some are mounted to CPU boards (see photos).

* CP/M boot disks in unknown condition (images also available from Don
Maslin, I believe).

* Binder with schematics.
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