PDP-11 RESCUE needed in northern California (Castro Valley)

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Date: Sun May 9 23:45:50 2004

Q: is there any problem using a H720 in place of the H724?
 it looks like it should work...

Sadly, the memory box I got out of this has issues, some locations work,
some don't but I think I'll be able to fix it.

Report on pdp-11/35 salvage from this lot;
fans, 1 spun freely, 1 spun after a lillte work, all the others TOTALED.
the power supply bricks work, I replaced the H724 with a H720 that I'd
bought NOS(!) a while back.
enclosure, the paint is very faded, but the case is fair. There is a 3/4"
strand of ivy winding through the power harness bulkhead in such a way
that I left a 6" long section as removing it would have destroyed the
connectors (at least someone might be amused years from now.)
Cards: the machine seems to have been partially stripped, much of the
mamory, all interface and controllers and any cpu options are missing,
intact are part of a couple MM-11Us and a complete basic CPU set. I spent
some hours cleaning the card edges and found useable backplanes in my
stuff as the existing ones look pretty bad, the core backplanes might be
salvagable but the CPU backplane is badly corroded.

the H960 casters roll smoothly (some sort of"tough love"? all the ones I'v
gotten in pristine racks have a mind of their own)


> On Sat, 2004-05-01 at 12:38, Fred Cisin wrote:
>> How well does DEC stuff handle weather?
> Poorly.
> Paul, Fred and myself collected all of this last weekend. Our
> "adventure" is now up on my web site at:
> http://www.shiresoft.com/pdp-11/rescue/index.html
> ** WARNING!! **
> These pages may not be suitable for all viewers! They contain many
> disturbing images. You have been warned!!
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> TTFN - Guy
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