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How do you subscribe to Computer Collector

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if he does estate sales, but I strongly suggest you contact Sellam
Ismail, who owns a company in Silicon Valley called VintageTech. You may have
seen his name on this list as well as "VCF" or "Vintage Computer Festival."
Anyway, Sellam's pretty much the biggest collector in the known galaxy, and his
company, VintageTech, lets him do this hobby for a living.

You can reach Sellam at

Why you should trust my opinion: I'm the founder/editor of Computer Collector,
which is an online news magazine (with about 500 subscribers each week) serving
the hobby.

Good luck,

 -- Evan Koblentz

(PS -- I personally collect handhelds and PDAs. If there are any in the
collection, I'd like to look through the list.)

--- wrote:
> Is there a company or private party in the Pacific Northwest that specializes
> in liquidating computer estates? They date from the late 1970s to the mid
> 1990s in various conditions.
> I really don't want to recycle them at scrap price if someone out there can
> use them.
> I figured ebay is a good place for anything unopened, but all the rest is
> simply overwhelming.
> Help, suggestions, ideas and warnings are welcomed.
> Cathy

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