Restoring a VAXstation 3500

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Mon May 10 14:23:19 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004 13:21:17 -0400
"John Allain" <> wrote:

> My impression is that in order of performance it goes MFM -> DSSI
> -> SDI
I would say DSSI, SDI, SMD and (depending on controller and drive) EDSI
are equal in performance.

> and that the vS3500 was considered a performance machine,
No. QBus VAXen are low end machines.

> leading to the 3520 and '40.
The MV3500 on one side and the VS35[24]0 on the other side are
completely different machines. The MV3500 is single CPU and all QBus
where the VS35[24]0 has 2 or 4 CPUs, a special MBus (?) and some sort of
QBus that AFAIK was only usable for a TQK70.

> I would actually be surprised if DEC ever shipped a vS3500 with MFM
> drives.
My MV3500 came with MFM disks. (But was later extended with SMD and DSSI
by the previous owner.)
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