Front panel controller

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Date: Tue May 11 14:41:46 2004


        I certainly would be interested. And, if the interface is "easy"
enough I can integrate software support into the Altair32 Emulator.


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A friend and I have designed a front panel controller that connects to a
PC port and allows you to have up to 128 outputs (LEDs, lamps, etc.) and
64 inputs (switches, etc.) It is intended for use in functional
blinkenlights replicas (like the PDP-1 replcia I'm building). It connects
to a PC parallel port and is driven through software. It can be updated
hundreds of times a second, which for all intents and purposes will seem
continuous. We're going to write simple software drivers to control the
board. It's simple enough to be integrated into just about any PC-based
emulator and is designed to be scalable (up or down).

Would there be any other interest in purchasing this controller? Board
fab and parts in quantity 5 has the price at about $100 right now
(unassembled). If there's enough interest then I'll manufacture a large
batch to bring the price down and sell off kits to recoup the design and
manufacturing costs for myself.

E-mail me if you're interested.

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