Front panel controller

From: vrs <>
Date: Tue May 11 17:25:37 2004

> A friend and I have designed a front panel controller that connects to a
> PC port and allows you to have up to 128 outputs (LEDs, lamps, etc.) and
> 64 inputs (switches, etc.) It is intended for use in functional
> blinkenlights replicas (like the PDP-1 replcia I'm building). It connects
> to a PC parallel port and is driven through software. It can be updated
> hundreds of times a second, which for all intents and purposes will seem
> continuous. We're going to write simple software drivers to control the
> board. It's simple enough to be integrated into just about any PC-based
> emulator and is designed to be scalable (up or down).

How does this one compare to the "blinkenlight console" project Henk Gooijen
is doing?

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