WTB: PROMs 82S135, 6039, 74S741, etc.

From: Patrick <patrick_at_vintagecomputermarketplace.com>
Date: Tue May 11 22:10:46 2004

> Hi Patrick
> You might go with a larger 1Kx8 PROMs. I think these
> are more easily found. You can waste the rest or add
> jumpers to select options. It seems like I was able to
> get some of these from Jameco or Anchor.
> Just a though
> Dwight

Dwight, that's absolutely a solution. I was hoping to find the "smaller"
part to provide the most authentic match for the appearance of the board,
but they are scarce. The original purpose that lit this endeavor was
replacement PROMs for a North Star MDS-AD3. The smaller 256x4 PROMs that it
uses for address decode were easily located at Jameco, but the larger PROM
for the E800h boot routine is proving elusive. Thanks! --Patrick
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