Front panel controller

From: vrs <>
Date: Wed May 12 09:16:35 2004

> >>> Chips: 6809, 6821, 6850, 6264, 27128 and 27256.
> I was programming these parts as far back as 1979 [Ok I was using
> eproms, but the 27128/27256 are not that much newer].
> I am surprised that these parts are still in production..

That was the main motivation for the move to the 6809, which has much
broader availability than the 6802.

> My main question, however, is that since this is intended (I believe) for
> long term use, is this the best hardware to base a design on. What are the
> chances of getting spares for these components in 2014?

I believe that this is a problem with virtually *any* component you could
choose. The newer stuff seems to generally have shorter lifespans. I
believe this is an outcome of having more choices -- none of the "newer"
chips (with perhaps some exceptions from Intel) has enough of a following to
be readily available down the road.

At least these old-time components have a following that has kept them
around this long...

I'm curious what everyone thinks of this issue, and what *are* the better

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