IDEA - Collector interest database

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed May 12 15:18:26 2004

I would create it as a web-based, self-service application available on the
to registered members. It could perhaps be associated with this list, if
guys running the list approve (Jay?). I'll create a test-run version (in my
time) and let everyone test it out. If you like it, we can keep it.

Other ideas and thoughts?


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> > If this sounds like a good idea, I'll create a site and host it.
> > It could have things like a "wish list", "current inventory",
> > "items for trade/sale", etc.
> Something like this would be great, even if it is just a software package
> for one's own private uses. I mainly just want to catalog and archive
> information about my own 'collection', whether it be on or offline.
> I encourage you to go ahead, there is no such thing as too much of a good
> thing. ;)
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