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Date: Wed May 12 15:35:11 2004

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Subject: IDEA - Collector interest database

Has anyone on here ever thought about putting up a site that
documents the collector interest or areas of specialty for the
folks who visit here?

If this sounds like a good idea, I'll create a site and host it.

It could have things like a "wish list", "current inventory",
"items for trade/sale", etc.

I know some of this type of thing exists elsewhere, such as
on Sellam's VCM site, but I haven't seen a place where I can
go to find individuals who have specific computers, parts, wants,

Other ideas and opinions are welcome. If this kind of thing
already exists, just enlighten me as to where it is located.


I've had this site up for more than a year now. It's kinda lame, I know, but
it's an attempt anyway. The hard part is to keep emails current (and to keep
from getting pissed off at people who don't have the decency to thank you
when you're making a change for them.)

I've posted requests for additions to this list every now and then, and have
thought of making changes but, honestly, there doesn't seem to be a whole
lot of interest.

and :

The latter is my personal collecting/family site but both versions of the
list are complete and up-to-date as of right now. We get letters from the
site now and then, which I forward to all members no matter where they are
or what they collect. Just got one yesterday from South Florida from someone
with a raft of PC stuff.

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