IDEA - Collector interest database

From: evan <>
Date: Wed May 12 17:42:50 2004

>>>> if the interface to it is some Web-only horror, I unfortunately will not
be participating

How else could it be done? Please be specific.

--- der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA> wrote:
> > Has anyone on here ever thought about putting up a site that
> > documents the collector interest or areas of specialty for the folks
> > who visit here?
> I'd certainly be interested in such a database, but if the interface to
> it is some Web-only horror, I unfortunately will not be participating
> at all actively.
> For my own part, I'm mostly a Sun person, concentrating on the period
> from late sun4c to the early sun4u. I'm mostly not interested in
> anything without an MMU or otherwise incapable of running some flavour
> of Unix, but not totally - for example, I have a 68hc11 development
> board I wouldn't mind another one of.
> I'd love to get hold of anything that runs four-year-old NetBSD that I
> don't already have an example of, especially if it's a CPU architecture
> I don't have, notably mmeye/evbsh3 (the Super-H SH3) or pc532.
> I'd also particularly like to hear of HP-IB disks of nontrivial digital
> size and reasonably small physical size, as I have an hp300 that's been
> gathering dust because I have almost no disk for it - or anything
> equivalent, such as a converter between HP-IB and something commoner
> such as IDE or SCSI.
> I also have a small number of Sun cards (mostly third-party) which are
> useless to me for lack of documentation, and I would love to find out
> anything anyone can tell me about them. I can't compose a list at the
> moment (I'm not near the cards), but if such a database is to be kept
> somewhere I can certainly make such a list.
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