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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed May 12 18:50:14 2004

>> I'd also particularly like to hear of HP-IB disks of nontrivial
>> digital size and reasonably small physical size...
> The only HPIB disks I have _are_ of trivial digital size and _non_
> trivial physical size -

Me too. I have two drives of ca. 100-200 MB each, in boxes perhaps
1'x1'x8", and one drive of about half a gig in a rackmount unit that
takes up something like 8U or 12U (full-height), is full depth
(something like three feet?), weighs approximately what I do, and pulls
about 11 amps mains current briefly on startup, 4 or 5 amps idling.

> Commodore D9060 and D9090 units (5MB and 7.5MB, 5.25"-full height MFM
> drives inside). I keep thinking of trying to rewrite the ROM code
> and turn the software-driven SASI port into a SCSI port.

The software-driven SASI port of what? The machine I want to use this
on is a NetBSD/hp300 system, a 319 or 320 or some such.

> I haven't played much with HP IEEE-488 devices... where would I find
> the command set (i.e. what strings to send the drive over the GPIB
> bus) for mass storage?

Darned if I know. The NetBSD/hp300 driver might have some of that in
it, but it also might not. I ought to go look.

I have what I think is probably an IEEE-488 interface for a SPARC (it's
an SBus card); perhaps I should try to scare up docs on it and see if I
can put it in a machine and build a disk server for it. That should be
sufficiently hacky. :-)

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