HPIB disks (was Re: IDEA - Collector interest database)

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed May 12 20:56:17 2004

>>> and turn the software-driven SASI port into a SCSI port.
>> The software-driven SASI port of what?
> The SASI port is internal - there are two PCBs in the drive
> enclosure, a "DOS board" (C='s term) with one processor to talk GPIB
> to the outside world, and another processor to talk SASI to the other
> board, a Xebec? SASI<->ST-506 board. The drive mech is either a
> Tandon TM602S or a TM603S.

This...does not agree with the reality I find upon opening up the first
HP-IB disk that came to hand (a 7958). The HP-IB connector is soldered
to a board which speaks to the disk drive - a Micropolis 1355, not a
TManything - over two ribbon cables. Except for stuff internal to the
1355, the only other PCB in the box is the power supply.

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