IDEA - Collector interest database

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed May 12 21:59:32 2004


I don't want to do duplicate work. How will folks put their
information into your system and search for stuff, etc? It
sounds like you're already planning to do these things that I
brought up in my original post. When will your database be
available for us to put our name, interests, catalog, location,
want list, etc. into? Something like that would be of great
benefit to folks here and would sure make searching easier.


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On Wed, 12 May 2004, Brian Mahoney wrote:

> I think the key would be to have a searchable database online. Someone
> collects X computers and someone who has one can instantly find them. I
> think that was the gist of the original post. Best of luck to anyone who
> do this.

Again, this is exactly what the Vintage Computer Marketplace database
feature does/will do. The next iteration of the system will have most
(or all) of this functionality in place. There are other tangible
benefits to using the VCM to keep your catalog online, including being
able to easily convert a database entry into a for sale/auction listing
and also transfering records from one collection to another with a single
click and thereby automatically creating a line of provenance for a
particular system. Plus many more cool features...

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