Apple mouse

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu May 13 12:33:51 2004

My 512K Mac has the squarer connector (although the Mac itself has
been upgraded to a Plus). But I don't think it has the little Mouse
icon on the connector - I'll have to check that.

I could also check mouse serial number, etc. if it will help. Not
sure I still have serial number for the computer, as that may have
gone with the original back part of the housing.

At 18:43 -0500 5/12/04, Marvin Johnston wrote:
>Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 09:56:46 -0700
>From: Marvin Johnston <>
>Subject: Re: Apple mouse
>Michael Fincham wrote:
>> > Does anyone know when the change took place from the squarish to the
>> > rounded end on the early Apple Macintosh mice 9 pin connector?
>> >
>> I believe the Mac Plus was the last model to have the D-SUB 9 for its mouse.
>The original Mac 128 had the 9 pin connector but it had a square shape
>as opposed to the later connectors. You can see the difference in this
>photo: The connector at the
>right is the original Mac 128K and the one on the left is a later
>version. My question is how much later :).

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