Need Info On an Old 386 Motherboard

From: Scarletdown <>
Date: Thu May 13 14:47:20 2004

I'm looking for a manual and other info on this old 386 motherboard that
I am trying to build into a working DOS 6.22/WfW 3.11 system for playing
old games and to play around with DOS TCP/IP networking. The board,
according to the BIOS string, is from Wintac-Edom (The BIOS string is:

E0X3-1379-083090-K0 Beyond that, I can't seem to find any other info on
this, as there are no other identifying markings that I can find.

Here's a pic of the board...

Anyway, I currently have it set up with a VGA card, a 16-bit MIO card,
Adaptec AHA 1542CF SCSI adapter, Databook PCMCIA card reader, PnP
Soundblaster, 3Com EtherLink III 3c509 NIC, SCSI CD-ROM drive, 210MB
Hard drive as the master drive, 1.5GB hard drive set as slave (will put
EZ-BIOS on it shortly to make it useable on this old board), 386/DX-25
(or 33, I don't remember at the moment which) CPU, and 8MB of RAM in the
form of 8 1MB 30 Pin SIMMs).

So, when I boot up, she goes through the memory test, then the SCSI card
does its self-test. After that, I get an error about the hard drive
(this is because I haven't set either drive up yet), and am given the
option to hit F1 to go to setup.

Well, when I go into BIOS setup, everything freezes on me, no response
at all from the keyboard, and all I can do is hit reset or power down.
Odd thing is, though; I can boot up with a DOS floppy and access the C
drive just fine, though the D drive is not yet visible of course.

What would be causing this freezeup when I go to BIOS setup? And, where
can I find a manual for this board?

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