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Date: Thu May 13 17:47:17 2004

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> On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 14:06, John Allain wrote:
> > >
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > BTW I like the VCM.*
> > Itt's just that we're talking show-and-tell, not show
> > and sell, in this instance. The VCM is actually a
> > surprizingly good effort and I hope everybody on
> > the list checks it out at least once a month.
> Are there any stats for the location of buyers, casual browers (that'd
> have to be based on IP) and sellers? Looking at that front page it looks
> purely an American affair at the moment, with a couple of strays.
> I'd use it for listing my collection and interests. I couldn't really
> use it for buying or selling though, as shipping to/from the UK just
> makes it uneconomical on anything but the smallest items unless they're
> located in this country.
> Does anyone else on this side of the pond have any idea where all the
> classic collectors are lurking? Generally, they don't seem to be on this
> list. It'd be nice if the VCM reached a wider (non-US) audience...
> cheers
> Jules
Good point Jules. I used to have quite a few contacts from Britain, Belgium
and Italy plus some more probably who emailed me from my site. I guess in
1996 there weren't that many vintage computer pages so I used to get a lot
more then, than I do now. Terrific interest in Atari, Amiga, Tandy too I
think plus Apple. Those were the ones I knew, then there were Acorns and
things I didn't know about. (Since discovered that Sears here in Canada used
to sell Acorns.) The sites and the people are out there, it just seems
harded to find them.
What's a boot sale? :)
Maybe you could start a European vintage site!

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