In Memoriam: Sipke de Wal (collection disposition)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri May 14 10:31:57 2004

On Fri, 14 May 2004, Jay West wrote:

> Fred wrote...
> > It is with great sadness that I have to announce the sudden and very
> > untimely death of Sipke de Wal (the Xgistor) of Noordwijk, The
> > Netherlands.
> Very sad. My thoughts are with him and his family.

Yes, I'm sorry to hear this.

> It does make me think... what should happen to my prized/cherished
> collection if I die suddenly. On the one hand, I'd prefer it to go free to
> listmembers who have helped me over the years, not the local smelter. On the
> other hand, my wife has put up with the hobby for so long - and bit her lip
> often when I spent "her" money on collection items. I would definitely want
> some money for the collection or parts of it (my gorgeous dual bay 8E and
> dual bay HP2000 would no doubt fetch "serious" money) to go to my wife. Just
> to let her know some of it was actually worth something. Yes, you can all
> take a copy of this email to my wife if I go suddenly as proof of my wishes
> :) She would have NO clue how to go about dispersing the collection, who to
> talk to, etc. I wouldn't mind an H8 or two going free to listmembers, but I
> can't stand the thought of some non-listmember, just someone off the
> street - offering her $5 for a pristine H8 and walking off with it cause she
> wouldn't know any better.
> Of course, not only the collection, but I'd have to arrange for someone to
> take over ownership of this list....
> Maybe the best route is for me to contact several list members and give them
> my general wishes, and then let them take care of the entire disposition of
> the collection. Just writing it up in a will isn't sufficient, I would want
> someone I know knows what they are dealing with to be the one directing it.
> Time for reflective thought methinks.

What I will do (and keep swearing I'll do before every plane flight) is
actually start a will and assign a specific executor for the computer
archive with someone whom I know and can trust to do the right thing,
taking numerous desires into consideration. It's a bit more complicated
in my case, not only due to size but also because of some specific ideas
of what I would want to happen to the archive.

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