Front panel controller

From: vrs <>
Date: Fri May 14 15:21:11 2004

> >TQFP-144...I guess I could figure out how to attach that to my homemade
> >PCB...something tells me you have way nicer tools than I do.
> I run Cadsoft Eagle and I've used the part on a two layer board. The Eagle
> tools work pretty well and they have 3 levels, including a free set that
> limits you to a smaller board and fewer layers. Over the years, I
> upgraded to the professional version so that I could do any size board
> I want. I did not purchase the autorouter -- I think humans are better at
> it.

I use Eagle too. Spent the whole $1200. Maybe whether humans are better at
routing depends on the human. It was pretty clear to me that wasn't how I
wanted to spend my time, even if I could do a better job, so I am really
happy with the autorouter -- I let it handle the "easy" 90 percent of the
routing job.

I like to make my own PCBs when I can, though -- no solder mask there.

Maybe I will try my wings with surface mount using some of these 74f04d I
recently inherited :-)

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